Do you want to live? If you want to live then-- oppose this school.


Gender Male
Key Item Red Thread
Personal Status
Status Deceased
Professional Statistics
Affiliation Bad Apples
Occupation High School Student
Leader of Bad Apples
School Nevaeh Academy
Game N/A
Voice Actors
Japanese Sakurai Takahiro

Alma is the leader and brains who manages the group of delinquents, Bad Apples.

Personality Edit

Alma is taciturn and poker-faced, it is hard to to know what he's thinking. Because of that, most people in their first meeting tend to think of him as a scary person. But he is a person with a strong purpose and charisma, which makes all the members trust deeply in him.

Soul Totem Edit

Alma carries a red thread, which he is able to manipulate at will. It can even transform into the shape of a knife.

Trivia Edit

  • His dream is to become a doctor, which he accomplishes in his route.
  • After the death of his friend and the gradual loss of the mories with her, Alma commits suicide by jumping from the school roof, over the fence.