It can't be helped since older brother asked... I'll protect you


Kanji ヒガ
Rōmaji Higa
Alias Katsumi (reincarnated)
Gender Male
Key Item White Ball
Personal Status
Status Deceased
Race Japanese
Professional Statistics
Affiliation Bad Apples
Occupation High School Student
School Nevaeh Academy
Game N/A
Voice Actors
Japanese Suwabe Junichi

Higa is a large and straight-laced man who acts as Alma's right-hand.

Appearance Edit

This large young man wears a white tokkofuku. He has the appearance of being a bad boy in the olden days and even his speech is rough.

Personality Edit

Higa's current behavior is because he arrived at this school. It looks like while he was alive he used to be the complete opposite. He looks brusque and mean, but he's a kind person.

Key Item Edit

Higa carries white balls. They are able to explode as bombs.