Silence. Keep quiet... I'll forget all this vocab...


Satoru Kuragari
Gender Male
Age 14-15
Key Item Study Materials
Personal Status
Status Deceased
Professional Statistics
Occupation High School Student
School Nevaeh Academy
Game N/A
Voice Actors
Japanese Hanae Natsuki

Satoru is a young man who was admitted to NEVAEH Academy at the same time as the protagonist. He is ever on the verge of a nervous breakdown due to his excessive study habits. Since the moment he came to the school, he has been studying furiously,without giving much thought to the school itself or what happened to himself. His Soul Totem takes the form of a variety of study tools, including a special reference book.

Personality Edit

Studying frantically as if his life depends on it, he is generally unaware of his surroundings. Not used to communicating with others, he responds to others callously and often has outbursts when he is irritated enough.

The protagonist reacts in surprise when he looks up from his book to talk to her directly and calls her by name.

Soul Totem Edit

Satoru's soul totem is his reference book, which seems to have information on an unlimited number of topics, ranging from vocabulary to history to biology.

Trivia Edit

  • He likes chocolate bananas
  • He died from overworking himself
  • He is younger than Rinka