"I will go wherever. I follow my heart, the breeze, my feet..."


Natsuhisa Shikishima
Kanji シキシマ
Rōmaji Shikishima
Alias Natsuku Shikishima (mistranslation)
Gender Male
Age 17
Key Item Art Supplies
Personal Status
Status Deceased
Race Japanese
Professional Statistics
Occupation High School Student
School Nevaeh Academy
Game Bad Apple Wars
Voice Actors
Japanese Ishida Akira

Shikishima is an eccentric artist who does things at his own pace and one of the romanceable options on the Bad Apple Route.

Personality Edit

Shikishima has a very relaxed demeanor, and is very much absorbed in his own world. However, he is friendly and gets along with everyone, although he frequently perplexes those around him. He speaks in a friendly but slightly formal tone and is prone to nature-based metaphors. He frequently refers of people (including himself) as flowers.

He considers himself neither a Good Apple nor a Bad Apple, and simply does as he pleases. Although he does not actively seek to break the rules, he does not care much for them either.

He prefers wandering off on his own to draw, although he seems to prefer a certain spot behind the school.

He notes that as long as he apologizes, the Prefects will not do anything to him, unlike the Bad Apples, who are generally unrepentant about breaking the rules.

Profile Edit

He is an artist from the Taisho era (early 1900s) who was the third of the romanceable characters to arrive at NAEVAH Academy, despite being from the earliest time period. He died from an illness which was considered incurable in his time in the same way as his uncle.

From a young age, he found everything about the world (rangings from bugs to dead flowers) beautiful, and pointed them out, which most people were unable to understand. As a result, he became very withdrawn and quiet as a result. Spends much of his life certain that nobody will truly be able to understand him.

Although he has a fairly cynical perspective, he is not bitter about it, and sees the good things about life as well.

It is only revealed in the ending of his route that his given name is Natsuku during his solo art exhibition. There, Rinka meets Haruhiko Shikishima, who says that Shikishima was his great-grandmother's younger brother.