Personality Edit

Yoh is known to be easy-going and cheerful around others. He tends to be observant towards others and puts them ahead of himself in conversation.

Relationships Edit

His best friend is Sanzu, who he refers to as "Sunny". They came to NEVAEH Academy at the same time after a bus accident on the way to a band concert. He cares for her deeply and sticks close to her. He blames himself for Sanzu's death though, which does drive a wedge in their close relationship. He looks up to her and admits that he depends on her far more than he should.

Trivia Edit

  • His soul totem is a guitar. He uses the pick as a weapon against the Prefects.
  • When alive, he was part of a band called "The Suns".
  • Yoh feels guilty for Sanzu's death because he wished that the bus would never reach the concert so he could be with her forever.
  • Died to a bus accident on their way to the last concert the band would perform.
  • Before he fell unconscious he saw Sanzu cover his body with hers to protect him during the accident.
  • His friendship with Sanzu began as just an experiment on Yoh's part, though he began to genuinely try to make her smile and laugh.